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Pranking Husband Gets Reprimanded After Secretly Using Beef Fat for Vegetarian Wife's Fries

Not cool
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Funniest Memes for Unbeautiful People Who Have Been Stuck in an Ugly Phase Their Whole Life

I am ugly and I am proud
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Funniest Memes for Anti-Dieters Who Just Plain Love to Eat

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Article about mom who fat shames her fat baby in a viral tiktok.

Thin Mother Fat Shames Her Months Old Baby In Viral TikTok

The only phase of life where being chubby is socially accepted as a positive thing is infancy . Once you stop being young enough to carry, being thin is societally enforced with an iron fist, with anyone who doesn't fit into that mold being endlessly criticized for their size. It makes sense that we make an exception for fat babies in such a fatphobic society. After all, nobody wants a skinny baby. Well, almost nobody. Mayci Neeley is a TikToker who makes family content, sharing cute videos of…
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He So cute

Funny meme about a cat that went on a diet and became a "small/medium chonk" | Mister Weez was always my big chonk. After a year of diet and exercise, he's now my small/medium chonk.
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Bruh Do You Even Lift

Funny meme about eating half a pack of Oreos, putting the other half back, and then eating it later | When you eat half a pack of Oreos, put them back, then come back in 5 minutes to eat the other half instead of just eating the whole package all at once fitness isn't just a hobby, it's a lifestyle
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Funny memes about diet and fitness | heel after workout vs really am: shirtless buff captain america steve rogers vs bobby chubby kid from king of the hill posing in front of mirror in his underwear | Meme Factory FACTORY @_thememefactory MEME all people saying time goes by fast never been this position before skeleton illustration muscles anatomy plank exercise workout

Diet And Fitness Posts For Those Just Trying Their Best

Pizza is life.
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Funny dank memes entitled, "Fitness is My Passion" chubby child lounging outside a pool at a vacation resort and his smirking face superimposed into the same photo |  cut cake half, thus making half calories, so can eat twice as much. FITNESS IS MY PASSION Steps So far taking more steps than normally do. Average 8 steps Today 10 steps Fitness is my passion

Sixteen Sarcastic Memes For Those With A 'Passion' For Fitness

Memes for the sedentary.
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Funny meme that reads, "Before the holidays vs. after the holidays" above pics of a regular-sized stormtrooper next to a fat stormtrooper
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TOO Much

Funny meme that reads, "When u stick to ur diet for 5 whole hours but ur still fat" above a still of Willem Dafoe yelling, "Do you know how much I've sacrificed?!"
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A Chonky Boi

Funny meme that reads, "When your human already fed you but forgets and feeds you again" above a pic of a cute cat with "chonks"
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Eh F*ck It, Summer's Over

Funny meme that reads, "Friend: how's the diet coming along? Me: ..." above a photo of a guy who broke a swing set after sitting on it
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Funny Twitter meme calling out Rick Ross for lying
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absolute unit dogs fat round animals cute big large chonk Cats fat animals animals - 8368645

29 Chonky Bois That Definitely Qualify As Absolute Units

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F*ckin' A

Pics of a very fat dog not wanting to go for his walk with a small child
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Caption that reads, "Professional basketball player: *Misses free throw;* Me: ...What a f*cking idiot" above a pic of a fat guy sitting on a couch watching TV
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