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Bartender Splits Opinion on Twitter With Speedy Cashier Skills

Gotta go fast
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25 'Fast & Furious' Memes for Fans of the Fast Lane Franchise

The ‘Fast & Furious movies are massively popular. The in-your-face, high-octane Summer blockbusters have entertained the masses for over 20 years at this point. None of this is news to anybody, we've all seen at least one of the mainline entries at some point. As a person who has seen all the movies, I can tell you that they've changed drastically over the years. It started as a stylized action film centered around the world of illegal underground car racing and the people who inhabit it. Throu…
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Funniest Car Memes for Automobile Aficionados

Like it or not, gaining access to a car is a right of passage. It expresses a lot more than your first, unfettered chance to operate a massive object at a high speed throughout your area as a 16-year-old. It's beyond the danger of it. Getting a car is getting your first taste of full-on freedom as a teenager. Although you shouldn't, you could literally go anywhere, at anytime as long as you had the gas money. Here's hoping you were considerate to your protective parents, but the IDEA that you c…
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'When Tyrese and Luda went to space': At what point did the 'Fast and Furious' franchise take it way too far? Twitter answers

Forget about it cuh
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Cashier Displays Champion Grocery Scanning Skills, Not Everyone Is Impressed

No matter what some might say, there really is no such thing as unskilled labor. Whether they’re making your coffee or mopping the floor, pretty much anyone who works for an hourly rate has had to refine what they do until it’s something close to an art form (or at least decent enough that it isn’t going to get them fired). When people don’t always show their gratitude and a raise can be hard to come by, it’s no wonder that some enjoy showing off by taking their skills to social media. This see…
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This Snake Is Going Way Too Damned Fast

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This Robot Can Run Hella Fast

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Just Run Faster Than Fat Old Guys

individuality run smart fast zombie funny - 7997591296

That's Why They Deliver So Fast

plane fast crash funny - 7870084352

Robert Gill Running 25 MPH on a Treadmill

sports treadmills gifs fast running athletes funny - 7610626560

Speed Painter Redefines Time

art gifs fast amazing painting funny - 7599248640
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Planes Do it Fast

wtf plane fast funny - 7559139328

Rocket Cycle Goes Fast

gifs fast funny win - 7490806528

Good Point

marvel DC comics fast camera funny flash - 7482506496

I Can Download too Many Things!

said no one ever speed internet fast - 7318989568
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Classic: Full Speed!

stairs fast scared running classic Pie Chart - 6854811904
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