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DIY Projects That Don't Make Any Damn Sense

The internet is brimming with clever do-it-yourself content that awakens the inner jewelry designer and electrician in people who would otherwise leave it to the professionals. Well subreddit r/DiWHY is proof that some amateurs out there should really think twice before diving head-first into that new crafting hobby. Check out these laughable DIY repairs and designs that range from mildly dumb to downright dangerous.

wtf, cringe, diy, fail, bad design, facepalm, ugly design, amateur, cursed images, yikes, repairs, crafting, furniture, cars, fashion is my passion, life hacks, funny, funny pics | roachpatrol: rainbowbarnacle: xploren: My cousin, ashamed after building chair IKEA. Oh god feel terrible cackling at this. Help every time stop laughing just look at fucked up chair again. lying on the floor | using metal hooks to hang cord from an electric power socket
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