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Fart Memes For Flatulent Friends

Pull my finger
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Funny random memes about farts

Flatulent Fart Memes For Lovers of Bodily Humor

Few things are as universally amusing as farting, and we're willing to bet that humans have found farts hilarious since the dawn of consciousness. The comedic value of farting surpasses language, geography, and time. In fact, even people with opposing political views may share a chuckle over an unexpected fart, unless they are plagued by feelings of shame. As funny as we find tooting, sometimes the stench cancels out the comedy. Here at Memebase, we choose to revel in the humor of flatulence in…
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Flatulent Fart Memes For Gassy Teens

I don't care what anyone says, farts have got to be the pinnacle of body-related humor. In fact, we don't trust anyone who doesn't appreciate the humor of gas, be it a soft grumble, a high-pitched squeal, or a trumpet-sounding explosion. The sound of farts is funny, the smell of them a bit less so. Fart jokes have been tickling people and ticking them off for centuries if not longer. If you think you're beyond this kind of classic, we want nothing to do with you. While farty funny things are no…
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A compilation of funny and random memes

Funny Memes To Make Your Dry January More Manageable

How many days until February?
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Funny memes about farts, flatulence and farting

A Gassy Stack of Fart Memes Filled With Flatulent Comedy

When I was little my mom often said she didn't fart. For some stupid reason, I believed her, but then again, I also believed her when she said she was an alien and didn't have a belly button. Kids are dumb. The truth is everyone farts. Besides pooping, peeing, eating, and experiencing heartbreak, there's not much human activity that is more universal. Farting is an important part of life. Flatulence has the power to make people laugh at inopportune moments. Just this morning I got into an argum…
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Funny fart jokes and stupid humor

Funny Fart Memes For Lovers of Base Humor

What's funnier than a fart joke? Not much, if you ask my little brother. Or my cousins. Or my boyfriend. Or me. With the exception of maybe penis jokes, fart jokes reign supreme - and they're something both men and women can relate to. Who knew that the one thing humanity could agree upon was the hilarity of flatulence ? Maybe if the world got together, held hands, and farted simultaneously, we could achieve world peace. We'd count to three, toot, and then join one another in raucous laughter.…
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Adults on TikTok try a technique for babies to make them fart

Adults On TikTok Are Using This Baby Farting Trick On Themselves and It's Actually Working

If you're feeling gassy and need a laugh, this works miracles.
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Flatulent Farting Memes That Celebrate The Funniest Bodily Function

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Funny video wendy williams fart odell beckham jr

Wendy Williams Sneaks Out A Wet One During Live Taping

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Funny video of girl farting in front of her brother.

Cute Girl Rips Heinous Fart That Scars & Impresses Brother For Life

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Get On My Level

Funny meme about calling farts soundclouds, winnie the pooh, tuxedo winnie the pooh.
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Gotta Love A Challenge

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Funny classical art memes.

40+ Classical Art Memes That'll Make You Feel Cultured

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Funny random memes.

20 Miscellaneous Memes To Keep You On Your Toes

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Let it Fly

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