Tolkien Tuesday April 12 2022, funny memes, dank memes, lord of the rings memes, humor

Tolkien Tuesday: The Best Lord of the Rings Memes This Week (April 12, 2022)

Hello again, internet friends. We're back with another one of our weekly collections of mostly-fresh and mostly-dumb Lord of the Rings memes. We are pleased to report that there's been a massive reduction of memes involving Will Smith slapping Chris Rock, so it seems our favorite meme makers have come to our senses. We were growing pretty weary of that subject matter. Mostly because Lord of the Rings memes don't need to rely on some dumb pop culture event. In fact, they're some of the most prol…
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Tolkien Tuesday, lord of the rings, lol, dank memes, humor

Tolkien Tuesday #58: 30+ Dank & Dumb 'Lord of the Rings' Memes

My precious..
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Tolkien Tuesday #54: 40+ Dank & Dumb 'Lord of the Rings' Memes

Tuesdays are usually a bad day - but a bad day made brighter by our weekly offering of very silly, but very funny memes about Lord of the Rings. This Tuesday, however, is different. Instead of serving as a little break from a week that you aren't even halfway through yet, we're hoping this might be the first meme gallery you choose to pass the time with today. If that's the case, we think you're setting yourself up for some fun. We've got a lot of fresh LOTR content right here, as well as some…
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Tolkien Tuesday #53: 30+ Dank & Dumb 'Lord of the Rings' Memes

Memes from our pocketses
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Tolkien Tuesday #33: 35 Dank & Dumb 'Lord Of The Rings' Memes

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Tolkien Tuesday #30: 25 Dank & Dumb 'Lord Of The Rings' Memes

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Tolkien Tuesday #27: 25 Dank & Dumb 'Lord Of The Rings' Memes

We're back.
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Funny and dank lord of the rings memes | Dwarves Moria calmly mining their mithril Balrog: Bonjour bear | CAN SEE refuse Wear Mask. THERE ARE MARKINGS S SOME FORM SELFISH. Frodo reading the writing on the ring

Twenty-Six Dank & Dumb Lord Of The Rings Memes

Memes to rule them all.
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Funny dank memes about lord of the rings, lotr memes, stupid memes, lotr shitposting, frodo baggins, elijah wood, gollum | Gollum Sméagol precious will be ours once hobbitses are dead Frodo: GANDALFS.MEMES gonna pretend didn't hearthat. | ARE FEET SHOES TEBRNT 50 HOBBITS: Well yes,

Tolkien Tuesdays: 33 Dank Lord Of The Rings Memes

Pour one out for J.R.R.
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