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15 'Game Of Thrones' Facts That Even The Most Hardcore Fans Won't Know

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Harry Potter memes and funny pictures about the movie series

17 Riddikulous Harry Potter Memes That'll Right Your Rons

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Funny dungeons and dragons memes, tumblr, drake.

19 Dungeons And Dragons Memes For The Nerd Connoisseurs

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Yeah No Thanks

Caption that reads, "An Australian child on his way to school, 1978 (colorized)" above a pic of Bilbo Baggins fighting a giant spider with a sword
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Funny memes, random funny memes.

34 Time-Wasting Memes That'll Eradicate Life's Monotony

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Huh, They Really Do

Tumblr post that reads, "Why do 90% of all medicines sound like cool wizard names" above an illustration of a wizard with a comment below that reads, "It is I, Zyrtec the Allmighty"
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Tumblr post that reads, "I feel that substituting sleep with caffeine is a lot like drinking unicorn blood to stay immortal. You will have but a half-life, a cursed life, from the moment it touched your lips"
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What A Good Deal

Funny online advertisement of a guy selling an "invisibility cloak" for $300
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Funny dungeons and dragons memes.

30 Dungeons And Dragons Memes For All You Dice Throwers

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These Game-Style Memes Are Weird AF & Might Become A Reality

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tumblr humor

15 Witty Tumblr Posts For Those Craving A Dash Of Humor

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Funny Lord of the rings memes.

40 LOTR Memes That'll Give You A Nerd Boner

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It's a constant battle

Funny object labeling fantasy meme, pee and underwear.
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lord of the rings memes

40+ Lord Of The Rings Memes That'll Make You Say 'Gimli More'

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Funny fantasy object labeling meme, shielding, alex jones, porn, insults, depression.

This New Fantasy Meme Looks At The Silly Ways We Protect Ourselves

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Too Real

Funny meme about fantasy painting labeling, fast food workers, dipping sauces.
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