At Least They Haven't Shaved Their Heads

Music fans justin bieber KISS - 6676067840
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Trolling Science Level: Simpsons

problem simpsons fans troll science - 6678802176
Created by jtcaseley1

Good Guy Sandler

adam sandler Good Guy Greg fans shirt news - 6652231680
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I Was Half-Expecting Him to Drive a Porsche

cliché double meaning famous fans literalism - 6598148096
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Cartoon Network Logic

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Created by LightningBlast

Mexican Wrestling: Coming to a Baseball Game Near You

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Holding a Sign is Tricky Business

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His Fan is Hypnotizing Him

Cats Caturday fans gifs hypnosis puns - 6500526848
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Shock and Maw

Awkward fans sports - 6500502528
Created by JB

Superheroes: That Must Be the Biggest One!

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Created by SimpleAliensLoveSpaceCore

Naughty Papa

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Chaos Mode Engaged....

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Created by rezme

Typical Cincinnati Fans

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Boston Basketball Fans Can Be Jerks

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Hello, My Adoring Fans

FAIL fans gifs rage soccer sports yikes - 6311743744
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