Article Covering Diet Coke Fans Devotional Loyalty To The Drink and Why They Think Quitting Is Not Worth It

Diet Coke Fans Rally Behind Man Who Says Quitting The Soda Took Away His "One Source of Joy"

Everyone has those little things to help them get through the day. Whether it's coffee, cigarettes, or chocolate, sometimes a little treat is just what you need to take the edge off. But there will always be those nosy people in your ear telling you that your greatest daily joy is "unhealthy" or "definitely going to kill you one day." That can be a real bummer, but after enough badgering, you might start believing them and consider quitting. This begs the question, is potentially improving your…
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Entertaining & Wholesome Boomer Moments From Musicians And Their Fans

They are trying
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Football Fans Recreate “The Lion King” After Saving Falling Cat With American Flag

You don't have to be a cat owner to appreciate the feline disregard for personal safety. When you're a species blessed with that level of agility and pride, it's a natural temptation to constantly rub it in everyone's face. However, when things go wrong they tend to backfire big time. It's not often that this happens as spectacularly as the events at the Hard Rock Stadium on Saturday night, though. The opening of the college football season in Miami was stalled after a cat was found in the stan…
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And We All Thought It Looked So Realistic

Funny meme that reads, "The crowd when you're playing any sports video game from the early 2000s" above a photo of a crowd in an arena made out of cardboard
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Funny tweet from a Conor McGregor fan who got cropped out of a photo with him | tweet by erin safran if you're having a bad day just remember @thenotoriousmma cropped me out of our photo
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Funny video of Britney Spears laughing on stage after a fan yells at her on stage

Britney Spears Cracks Up During Live Performance

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Please Don't

Funny meme about bands who encourage their fans to destroy the venue
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Girl Sends Fan Mail to Tom Hanks, and Receives Legendary Response Back From the Man Himself

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The Bee Movie Ends Up Inspiring People to Dream Up a Ton of Wild Things That Could Happen the Next Time Someone Says "Bee"

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The Different Levels of Being a Star Wars Fan

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Pokémon video games fans win - 81949185

Nine Years of Hard Work Later the Fan-Made Pokémon Game Is Here!

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Artist Puts Together Awesome Collection of X-Men for the 90's

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image selfie fan Busted
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ocarina of time fans zelda - 760581

This Mind-Boggling Zelda Fan-Art Portrays The Series' Star Characters As Refined Renaissance Characters

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Sony Always Wins

Sony fans - 8581552384
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The Sophomore Slump Satisfies Some

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