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Luxury Diner Prompts Controversy by Showing off Gross Food at Michelin Starred Restaurant

They ate what now?
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Gross, Hand Licking Fine Dining Experience Has Twitter Users Up In Arms

What’s worse, the mess or the eye contact?
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At This Point They're Just Trolling

Funny Twitter meme that reads, "The wealthier you are, the more confusing your sink is" above a photo of a strange-looking sink
Via anlyin

Potato, Potato

Pic of Winnie the Pooh next to text that reads, "Tomato" above a pic of Tuxedo Winnie the Pooh next to text that reads, "Tomato"
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Aw Yiss

Caption that reads, "When you're five years old and your parents take you to a fancy restaurant and the waiter asks what you want" above a pic of a kid dabbing on some chicken strips
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tips to act like an adult

15 Snarky-Ass Tips To Make You Look Like A Halfway-Sophisticated Adult

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Very Flashy

Caption that reads, "My mom is so dramatic. I don't even know how to get in the tub" above a pic of a bathtub with tons of fancy curtains on the front of it
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crazy fashion memes

15 Fancy Fashion Memes For The Posh Individual

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Good Logic There

Caption that reads, "My sister is about to have a baby and my brother showed up to the hospital in a suit because 'first impressions matter'" above a pic of a guy in a hospital waiting room wearing a suit
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Hell Yeah

Caption that reads, "My kind of Christmas tree" above a pic of a Christmas tree made out of wine bottles
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With Pinkies Up Too

Caption that reads, "Is this what private schools are like?" above a pic of a lemon slice on a water foundtain
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We Can All Be Fancy Capeesh?

fancy web comics - 8982811136
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Economically Efficient Fancy Suit: Check

Via bigfootjustice That a Pokemon?

poekmon dogs fancy That a Pokemon?
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Guess What The Candy's For?

candy fancy i lied Rage Comics - 5502012416
Created by omnomnomnommuffins

Fancy That

fancy sick truth sad but true ketchup web comics - 8301020672
Created by rawfishandbeer ( Via Mandatory Rollercoaster )
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