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Dude Posts Memes in the Real World, Produces Entertaining Results

They're clever
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Redditors Reflect On ‘Heroic’ Characters Who Deserve A Fall From Grace

We can spout as much utopian baloney as we like, but the world would be a much duller place without injecting a tiny bit of hatred into it every now and then. It's only natural that in life we come across people and characters that we find to be dislikeable , and there's nothing more frustrating than when that individual seems to be inexplicably popular. Worse still is when they're considered to be somebody to look up to, and there's barely anyone who'll listen to you complain about them. This …
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Puzzling Images In Which Something Seems To Be Missing

Something isn’t right.
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interesting historical photographs, cool old photos, young Olenna Tyrell, woodstock crowd | attractive woman sitting on the back of a sofa. Diana Rigg aka Olenna Tyrell Game Thrones, 1967. Aerial shot Woodstock 1969.

40+ Fascinating Pics That Show A Special Side Of History

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Why Is This So Accurate

Funny meme that reads, "Elon Musk and Grimes are just Kardashians for Rick and Morty fans" above a still of a comedian saying, "Never before have I been so offended by something I one hundred percent agree with"
Via ResoluteArms

They're Just Like Us

Funny satirical news headline that reads, "Inspiring: celebrities spell out 'we're all in this together' with their yachts"
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Funny Twitter thread where a pro hockey player tries to flirt with Anna Kendrick | Anthony Beauvillier @titobeauvi21 Hi @Annakendrick47. DanyAllstar15 Replying titobeauvi21 and @AnnaKendrick47 hey man thanks letting use gear during fundraiser held animal shelter save puppies cup way too big but other than everything worked fine. Thanks again

Pro Hockey Player Shoots His Shot With Anna Kendrick, His Buddies Back Him Up

Well Anna, what'll it be??
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Let's Be Considerate Of Them

Funny meme about leaving the world a good place for Willie Nelson and Keith Richards
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Funny tweets from Anna Kendrick

15 Anna Kendrick Tweets From The Sassy Twitter Queen Herself

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'Explain A Character Badly' Has Twitter Coming Up With Hilarious Descriptions Of Famous Characters

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It Really Messed With His Business Plan

Photo of a YouTuber who forgot to tell his viewers to "like, comment and subscribe"
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I'm Suddenly a Star

famous class school oh god why - 6033982976
Created by Unknown

Won't You Be My Sweater?

famous sweater - 5195246592

One Hell of a Pigeon

pigeon famous - 7285489408
Created by geha714

'Not Famous' Doesn't Equal 'Not Good'

famous justin bieber musicians - 7158948608
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They're Related?!

cute famous katy perry zooey deschanel stars - 7017257984
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