I'm falling deep in the sky. Slipping into these hilarious vertically challenged puns.

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25 Funny Skateboarding Memes That Absolutely Shred

Skateboarding is an incredible hobby. It's impressive to watch , fun to do, and a great way to meet people. It's also the only hobby that actively embraces painful failures as a matter of fact in getting better at the pursuit. I've hurt myself more than I can remember in my years trying to skateboard. The only thing is, I was never very good and I never really improved. It's still been pretty fun though! Skateboarding is one of those hobbies that's sort of just a lifestyle. If anything, skate c…
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Standup Comedian Accidentally Falls Off The Stage, Fall is Way Funnier Than Any of His Jokes

People who don't go to standup shows think that standup comedy is an incredibly cool art form. These fools believe that only the most hilarious and intelligent people can do standup, and anybody who does it must be a comedic genius. Luckily for them, they are 100% incorrect! Standup comedy shows are breeding grounds for humiliation and failure. Most of the people who do standup are not very good at it. If you ever want a surefire way to feel good about yourself, go to an open mic in a midsized…
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15+ Pictures That Capture The Majesty, Beauty And Hilarity Of Falling Cats

Perfect timing
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Mesmerizingly Dumb Video Shows People Repeatedly Trip Over Basketball Court

Mind the step…
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Man Explores The Creepy Basement Under His House, Finds An Underground Railroad

I’d like to see a real estate agent explain this.
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Funny photoshopped images of Justin Bieber falling off of a unicycle - cringe, facepalm | justin bieber in a pink shirt flying face forward from a unicycle. justin bieber photoshopped with a wedgie hanging from a basketball net.

Justin Bieber Falling Off A Unicycle Is Some Of The Best Photoshop Material We've Seen

Bieber really ate sh*t, didn't he?
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Winter's Back, Which Means It's Time to Hang Out With Our Ol' Buddy 'Falling for 9 Seconds While Trying to Shovel Snow'

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How to Tuck and Drop

gifs falling - 8588528128
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How to Jump over a Chain

FAIL gifs falling - 8552049408
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Seems Legit

falling stairs - 8579425024
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Between A Rock And A "Hand" Place

falling Challenge Accepted true story - 8579331840


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falling vine - 74423553

Come at Me, Death

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falling hilarious passed out stairs wtf - 5195460096
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falling house problem Terrifying - 5471275264
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that f***ing moment

falling - 6619087616
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