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25 History Memes for Online History Buffs

This ain't no Trojan horse
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A compilation of Art History themed memes

Art History Memes For Masters of Realism

If you think about it, paintings were the original memes . Past painters made realistic depictions of people with all sorts of intentions in mind. Portraits, depictions of rural life, images from literature: whatever they meant to people in the 1800s doesn't matter that much. Now, they are prime fodder for memes. The expressions made by people in paintings are objectively funny. Their exaggerated or intentionally demure vibes make them the perfect subject for relatable memes. Even though I'm no…
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Funny memes from the subreddit /r/FakeHistoryPorn | Eric and Don Trump Jr. meet their new step-mom, Melania (2004) 2004 | Jeffrey Epstein's prison guards calling an ambulance (2019) 2019

'Fake History' Memes That Are Far More Entertaining Than Real History

These are pretty much useless, but still entertaining AF.
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A Really Special Moment :)

Caption that reads, "Ozzy Osbourne and John Lennon in the recording studio, March 15th 1979" above a pic of Professor Snape next to Harry Potter
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Yeah No Thanks

Caption that reads, "An Australian child on his way to school, 1978 (colorized)" above a pic of Bilbo Baggins fighting a giant spider with a sword
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fake satirical history memes

14 Fake History Memes That Are The Epitome Of Satire

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Fake history

14 Fake History Memes That Are So Wrong, Yet So Right

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fake history

17 Totally Fake History Memes That Are WAY Better Than Your History Class

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Funny meme about forrest gump, tom hanks, fake history memes, history memes, movies.
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fake history

15 Fake History Photos That Are Way Better Than The Real Thing

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Funny meme about Michelangelo, paintbrush made with spaghetti.
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Funny meme about It the movie using scenes from Spongebob Squarepants.
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Steven Spielberg on an African Safari (1993)

fake history - 9021302016
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A true piece of sports history

fake history - 9016991232
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Historical photo unearthed

fake history - 9014796800
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fake history - 9011936256
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