It's all fake. All of it. None of it is real. It is all a mirage you must see throughץ

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'We only use 10% of our brain': 20+ Old wives tales that folks still believe

Wait, that thing about gum isn't true?
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Suspicious Company Gets Exposed for Hiring Fake Recruiter to Catch Out Current Employees

"I 'passed the test'"
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Dumb & Dubious Posts About Things That Definitely Happened

No lies detected
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Funny liars on the internet

20+ Embarrassing Liars and Their Incredibly Fake Accidents

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Wannabe Entrepreneur Tries to Fake Being a Millionaire, Admitting He's Scammy and Wants to Impress Gold Diggers

Wannabe Entrepreneur Tries to Fake Being a Multi-Millionaire, Proves That He's Scammy and Wants to Impress Gold Diggers

Fake it til you make it
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Explain Like I'm 35: Why Are Biden, Trump and Obama Playing Minecraft Together? (February 25, 2023)

AI doesn't get better than this.
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Ariana DeBose is a Theater Kid, Venus De Milo is an Insta Thot, and a Kid Has Christ For Arms

Also, Bernie is a meme again.
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Prince Harry Memoir Leak Parodies That Make the Royal Family Sound Even Crazier

They're almost believable
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Stark Reminders That Instagram is Not Reality

Ever scroll through Instagram for so long that your soul starts to fill with dread? You're not alone. Facebook's extensive internal research showed that Instagram makes body image issues worse for one in three teenage girls. In September, the Wall Street Journal reported on Facebook's research and the data lays bare what we all knew was true deep down. Still, even those acutely aware that Instagram poisons the mind with FOMO and insecurity continue to use the app. At some point, a precedent was
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Fake Movie Posters That Would Make a Great Watch

Somebody make these
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Tumblr Causes Chaos With Fake Scorsese Movie "Goncharov"

It's a classic
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Cringey story about a tattoo designer who got called out for stealing designs off of Google

Tattoo Artist Gets Exposed For Blatantly Stealing Designs From Google

When you get caught in a glaringly obvious web of lies , the best policy is generally to just own up to it. Nobody's falling for your BS anyway so it's probably best to not make yourself look even more stupid. This "tattoo artist" blatantly stole a bunch of their designs from other artists off of Google and then continued to play dumb after being called out . And the worst part? The copied art is definitely not as good as the original!
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Baffled Woman Tells Story Of How Her Ex Faked His Own Death To Break Up With Her

So extra
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Article Clarifying Details Regarding Two Dead Mom's Ashes in River Stories

Woman Allegedly Dumps Her Ex-Boyfriend's Mother's Ashes into River in Viral Tik Tok

How far would you go to get back at a cheating partner? Taking revenge on someone who has wronged you has the potential to be cathartic and worthwhile, but it can also go way too far. Childlike retaliation like egging someone's house or car is generally accepted as harmless, but when it veers into more permanent destruction of property, or worse, that's when things get controversial.
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Gripping Scam Email Has People Applauding Its Creativity

Main character energy
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20+ Tryhard Posts That Desperately Want To Be Deep

Thanks to the internet, it's never been harder to be a teenager — and boy, are they going to let us know about it. Whether it's the exposure to one too many TikTok dances or a resentment towards being left on read, there's something about the internet that seems to churn out wannabe youthful culture critics. As if that wasn't enough, they're usually about as intellectual as the jokes you read on popsicle sticks, if popsicles were preoccupied with that one Nietzsche quote they read once. On the …
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