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Bad Houses That Made Us Very, Very Mad

Blights, all of them.
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Funny and cringey design fails, coronavirus fail, covid-19, clever signs, facepalm | COVID-19 PANDEMIC PREMIER SAYS CAN CHOOSE STORY ENDS TORONTO couple Indian state Chhattisgarh has named their newborn twins Corona and Covid | Winter Garden ANIMAL HOSPITAL RE STILL HERE UNLIKE BASKIN'S HUSBAND! CAROLE MICHE MOTIVE 3- MOWER SHOP 407-877-3900

50 Facepalm-Worthy Fails & Sassy Signs

Bring on the cringe.
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Funny fails, failed attempts, stupid people | tweet Man Titties are life One comma, just one comma changed sexuality | PETA @peta #Stevelrwin killed while harassing ray; he dangled his baby while feeding crocodile wrestled wild animals who were minding their own business. Today's #GoogleDoodle sends dangerous, fawning message. Wild animals are entitled be left alone their natural habitats. Jacksepticeye @Jack_Septic_Eye Replying peta like kid who wasn't invited party but came anyway and

Valiant Attempts That Hilariously Missed The Mark

A for Effort.
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funny times, funny attempts that missed the mark, stupid people, fails.

Earnest Attempts That Truly Missed The Mark

A for effort?
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The Quarter-Life Crisis Is Real

Funny meme about getting your life together in your 20s
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Story Of My Life

Funny meme about failure.
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Let's Chat

Funny meme about Japanese founder of Uniqlo being fascinated by failure.
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Playing Hard To Get

failure tough guy dating - 8989252608
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failure success image - 8987763968
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Jokes on Them

failure self esteem image - 8984167680
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You Did Everything You Could

web comics failure You Did Everything You Could
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Is This Thinking Like An Attacker?

hacking failure Memes - 8802817024
See all captions By imaguid

It's a Trap!

failure signs trap success funny - 8209076992
By Unknown

Sometimes You're Just Not That Good

failure bad idea soccer funny - 8110572800
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Success vs. Failure

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Failure Is Not an Option

coconut failure bad idea shark tree funny - 8440732672
By beernbiccies
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