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Lazy student refuses to participate in group project, cries to teacher when he gets an F: '[He] tried to blame us for him not participating'

You snooze, you lose
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Funny Reddit Thread Where People Discuss Hilarious Lessons Learned The Hard Way

Funny Reddit Thread Where People Discuss Hilarious Lessons Learned The Hard Way

Never again.
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Parent Accuses Teacher of 'Threatening' Their Child Because He Brought Up Summer School to Their Failing Student

When you're a little kid, there's nothing scarier than the possibility of attending summer school. That's where you go when you're a juvenile delinquent throughout the year and don't finish your schoolwork. When a teacher brings up the dreaded idea of attending summer school, it's usually a simple scare tactic to submit a class of youngsters into obedience. There's nothing wrong with that! Once you get to high school , you realize that summer school is an actual possibility and not just a scare…
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The Future Is Now

Caption that reads, "Y'all still failing in your exams, while I'm here in 2073" above a pic of someone sitting in class with a bandaid on their hand that has the exam answers written on it
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Great, Now the Whole Class Knows

failing Pie Chart school teacher - 4245178112
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Now That's Just Unfortunate

failing double negative funny - 8188360960

Success is a Journey, Not a Destination

success failing - 8176066048

Best Sport Ever

sports failing funny olympics - 7688928512

Stop Striving

failing idiots funny - 7604113920

The First to Finish or the First to Fail?

school tests failing exams truancy story - 7340364288

Swag Explained

school swag venn diagram failing - 7000140288
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At Least The Technique Doesn't Fails

blueberry man failing i lied parents truancy story - 6829800704
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Grades Are All Relative

class college senior failing friends grades uber frosh - 6043907328
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Don't Second-Guess Yourself!

failing freddie Rage Comics school test - 5164899840
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I Wikipedia-ed and Everything

class english essay failing Rage Comics - 5128480000

Every. Single. Semester.

college failing fear grades passing Rage Comics - 4952709120
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