Funny posts written by entitled, demanding people | James Bloodworth Follow @J_Bloodworth just written book on difficulty working class kids have breaking into professions because proliferation unpaid work Huffington Post contacted saying sounded interesting. They asked write something Unfortunately they wouldn't be able pay however despite being multi-billion dollar company. So here's my article are part problem HuffingtonPost End.

Entitled People Who Took 'Cheapskate' To A New Level

These people are infuriating.
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Funny images of fails | accidentally put my leather gloves washing machine. tiny shrunk gloves | water hose attached to a fire hydrant passing through the window of a car blocking the path

Fail-Filled Pics From People Who Aren't Having The Best Day

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35 pick up lines that only exist because of modern technology

35 Pickup Lines That Won't Fail to Make You Give Up on Modern Romance

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headstone with a funny engraving

The Daily FAIL: 50 Memes to Start Your Day

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FAIL Blog FAIL Memes The Daily Fail meme list - 1732357

The Daily FAIL: 50 Memes and Images to Start the Week

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Awesome memes - woman doing yoga meditating for the D this weekend

25 Awesome Memes to Turn Your Day Around

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pics taken at the right moment

45 Pictures With the Most Perfect Timing Imaginable

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FAIL Blog FAIL text social media - 1648645

26 of the Most Incredibly Stupid People Ever to Grace the Internet With Their Presence

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FAIL Blog twitter relationships parenting ryan reynolds win - 1648133

Ryan Reynolds is the Parent We All Need

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most likely to succeed from high school

16 People Share What Happened to the 'Most Likely to Succeed' Student From Their Highschool

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worst haircut meme that looks like hot cheetos

Say No More... 29 of the Worst Haircuts We've Ever Meme'd

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FAIL Blog justice FAIL trolling win - 1620997

Guy Delivers Sweet Justice When a Rude Woman Lets Her Dog Relieve Itself in the Middle of an Airport

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Battle of the Cheez: Day Two in the Bunkers

battle of the cheez FAIL Blog Memes Rage Comics win - 5526188544
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bad idea FAIL Blog hilarious truck - 5460267008
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advertising FAIL FAIL Blog lol - 4233594112
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comedy FAIL Blog full house Pure Awesome - 4075603200
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