cringe, cringeworthy, embarrassing, sad cringe, funny posts, cringey memes, embarrassing, funny cringe, facepalm, yikes, oh god why, funny comments, reddit, facebook, twitter | Not sure if this is funny or cringe, but here goes >Do my squats 210 KB PNG >Make an audible fart trio young girls behind are giggling >Try play cool Hey, at least got this entire area myself shout at them while smiling >They look at with confusion and one them goes Well now smells bad here so nobody will disturb Um are

Unfortunate Posts That Really Bring the Cringe

Some truly facepalm-worthy moments
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15 Trashy Moments & People With No Shame

Big yikes
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Funny moments of cringe, music fails, lol, pop music, hip hop, tweets, rap

20+ Cringey Music Fails & Moments

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facepalm, oof, cringe, yikes, funny tweets, twitter, memes, embarrassing, funny comments, facebook, reddit

20+ Facepalm Moments That Can't Be Taken Back

The world's biggest 'oof'
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Employee Calls in Sick, Boss Catches Her in 4K at Basketball Game

We've all taken sick days to play hooky from work. It's human nature. But getting caught is never fun. After TikToker @kdimagery360 called in sick, the next day her boss texted her a photo of herself live on TV enjoying a Warriors game. She was truly caught in 4K. TikTokers in the replies were overwhelmingly supportive, arguing that what someone does on a sick day is none of their boss' business. Keep scrolling to see the amusing video and some of the best comments.
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Amusing Instances of Kids Being Impressively Dumb

Face, meet palm
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Funny failures, premature celebration, facepalm, didn't age well | Get party shoes on 2020 is going be great! 2020 Leap Year VALENTINES DAY IS FRIDAY CINCO DE MAYO IS ON TACO TUESDAY 4TH JULY IS SATURDAY HALLOWEEN IS SATURDAY CHRISTMAS IS FRIDAY NEW YEARS STARTS WITH 3-DAY WEEKEND | recently brought my attention if order on Door Dash then after go help" and say entire order missing, they'll give refund door dash credit Thank Jaden and Angie feeding my fatass twice today price one <3

20 Amusing Instances Of Premature Celebration

Better luck next time.
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Funny wooosh moments of people missing the joke, lol, stupid people, fail, cringe, facepalm | Van Clutch Van Stop Van reverse? 2 d Like Reply Travis Jimmy van brake 1d Like Reply Dave Jimmy Van Gogh or Van Go | Want know just big Texas really is This is fake 16h 2 likes Reply

20 Literal-Minded Fools Who Didn't Get The Joke

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Humor-Filled Moments of Mortified People Dying Inside

Oh, the schadenfreude.
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didn't age well, aged like milk, reddit, twitter, funny tweets, embarrassing, hindsight, fail, cringe, facepalm, memes, funny headlines

Past Posts & Opinions That Aged Like Spoiled Milk

Big oof
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karen, stupid people, customer service, entitled, wtf, facepalm, funny, facebook, funny tweets, yelp reviews, service industry, retail, nextdoor, memes

20+ Entitled Karens & Nightmare Customers From Hell

They're baaaack
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Funny and cringey posts from Karens, best of nextdoor, social media, neighbors, neighborhood

30+ Petty & Comedic Gems From Best of Nextdoor

Here in New York City we usually have too many neighbors to bother getting to know or communicate with anyone. Sure, there are a few neighborhood or block associations, but they're usually pretty insular. Nobody we know uses sites like Nextdoor to communicate. It's usually a quick “How ya doin?” or, when something messed up is happening, a quick complaining session on the sidewalk. This does not seem to be the case in the suburbs. We've come to this conclusion thanks to Best of Nextdoor Twitter…
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Comically Brutal Rejections & Cringe of the Saddest Kind

Press 'F' to pay respects.
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15+ People Who Tried to Delete Their Embarrassing Tweets

But they were too late
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karens, karen memes, stupid people, cringe, cringeworthy, funny memes, memes, facebook, twitter, facepalm, covidiots, anti mask | l'd like speak manager and police like speak police manager | Temecula Beth Talk 6 mins Have ever been restaurant does not give change pay with cash? My bill 47.20 gave waitress $100. and she only gave back $53.00 called over manager which our waitress She said don't usually carry change told her give my $100.00 back and l'll pay with credit card. Eighty cents would

20+ Sassy Memes That Roast Clueless Karens

No you may not speak to the manager
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20+ Facepalm-Filled Moments From the Stupid Side of Humanity

I often wonder if social media is making people stupider or if it's just exposing the stupidity that was there all along. I'm inclined to believe the latter is true, but one thing is for sure—Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram aren't raising any IQs. And this isn't to say that I'm better than anyone else. On the contrary—I've posted some very dumb takes in my lifetime. Some of the dumbest. That's why I feel entitled speak bluntly on the matter. Humans may be the most intelligent species on the pla
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