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Funny fake customer service trolling on facebook | Visitor Posts Argos 8 mins FFS BEEN ON HOLD AGES CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP Like Comment Share Argos Customer Support Yes sure caps lock key is one above 'shift' and 'ctrl Hope this helps. 2 mins Like Reply More

Delightful Times People Were Trolled By 'Customer Service'

We love anyone willing to troll , roast, or deceive people on the internet - as long as they steer clear of bullying. This kind of mischief is pretty much all we have in the prank zone now that so many people are cooped up inside. One of the best trolls of all time, that fake Customer Service account, was actually run by UK comedian The Amazing Troll-Man . He'd troll some pretty obnoxious people by changing their account's profile photo to whatever business the poor sucker was trying to tear ap…
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Crazy facebook and twitter posts from insane people, r/insanepeoplefacebook | person standing behind a crying bald girl Turns out cutting off 15 her hair last time she touched scissors wasn't big enough lesson she cut her bangs AGAIN. So now she's BALD think this time lessons gonna sink little deeper! Never lose good woman without fight Get her pregnant if have too

16 People Who Should Really Have Their Internet Privileges Revoked

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Funny meme about the sims, do babies grow by themselves, interaction.
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Funny meme about gentrification.
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