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Strange & Questionable Garbage That People Chose To Sell

Not a sight for sore eyes
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Woman Tries To Sell Wedding Dress, Gets Slammed For Reasoning Behind It

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Shamelessly Entitled People Who Think Beggars Can Be Choosers

They say beggars can't be choosers, but there are plenty of shamelessly entitled people out there who have just enough audacity to prove the proverb wrong. The sort of people who get mad when free stuff doesn't meet their unreasonable expectations. Or job listings that seek PhD grads to babysit toddlers for fifty cents an hour. The only response these choosy beggars deserve is shame and ridicule, and we've selected a handful of especially egregious examples of entitlement from r/choosybeggars f…
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Facebook Seller Gets Rinsed For Listing Grimy “Animal Print” Couch Set

Talk about pre-loved
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craigslist, ebay, facebook marketplace, sales, r/crackheadcraigslist, funny, weird, trashy, for sale, memes, selling, deal, fail, cringe, lol, wtf, gross, sex toys, rip off, scam | Be naked at my sister's wedding (Lower East Side) My sister is having an outdoor wedding New Canaan ct May want someone be naked woods and run through wedding order ruin will pay and protect my family R Drive ParktAvenuer Dekalb Avenue craigslist- Map data OpenStreetMap compensation can discuss compensation privately

Very Sus Goods & Services People Tried To Sell Online

These items are probably still available
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Funny and Cursed Things People Tried to Sell Online

Craigslist, Ebay, and Facebook Marketplace are unlikely windows into the soul.
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Crazy Crap People Attempted to Buy and Sell Online

We're gonna have to pass on these offers
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20+ Times Online Marketplaces Were Delightfully Weird

Ebay could never.
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Funny and cringey and cursed stuff people tried to sell on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace | Bag coke $10 small baggie filled with coca cola | Pandora type bespoke bracelet ideal lockdown pick up Missus PANDORA £500 ENGLAND Pandoraish bracelet

Weird & Funny Crap People Tried To Sell Online

It's gonna be a no from me, dog
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Funny Memes, Online Selling, Craigslist Fail | Animal -  kjøp ,salg, bytte og gis bort 30 min Pris msammenligning vanskelig finne. Settes derfor til 4500 ut fra andre nærliggende utstoppinger. Kan sees/ hentes nær +6 KR 4 500 MELDING Hakuna matatta! Vortesvin! Beste delen! | Walmart vest sale e 80 dollars Walk right Get u want and walk right out willing negotiate eO #FirstComeFirstServe #NoHolds

Strange Crap People Attempted To Sell Online

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Funny story about a scammer who tries to get her money back from a couch seller

Entitled Single Mom Tries To Scam Seller, Gets Caught Red-Handed

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Funny and bizarre Craigslist ads

15 WTF Craigslist Ads That Really Out-Trashed Themselves

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Can't Help Ya Bud

Funny Twitter meme about selling a TV over Facebook Marketplace
Via anlyin
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Guy Selling His Water Cooler For Exactly Two Eggs Turns Into An Egg-ressive Bidding War

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The OG

Facebook advertisement for a 'genuine Apple watch' with a pic of a guy wearing a watch made out of an apple
Via jemNoodleGod