Facebook Fail

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Funny & Endearing Times Old People Tried to Use the Internet

Respect your elders
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r/woosh, woosh, wooshed, jokes, fail, stupid people, dumb, memes, facebook fail, reddit, failbook, sarcasm, instagram, gullible, fail | InternetExplorer Yesterday at 10:49 pm s here 7946 SONY PLAY STAT IOn 3 AOXO 50 TRTIONn 3 80GB/80GO and 2.4K others 245 comments 792 shares Haha Comment Share Oldest 's ps3 | Cowboy Cow 0 475 41 Comments 173 Shares O Like Share Comment Thats fking horse

25 Times People Got Wooshed By Dumb Memes

These folks totally missed the joke
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Funny facebook posts from old people who don't know how touse Facebook. | have nothing say is new. All know is have very unpleasant Granddaughter Follow Add Friend Message More | Love is going Pokémon hunting with husband so can keep up with our grandsons! Any special reason poop emoji background? Is is thought looked like chocolate pokemon!

18 Funny Times Old People Made Facebook Better

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Funny troll posts from fake customer service account.

Twenty Times Trolls Of 'Customer Support' Provided Sass In Lieu Of Help

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Funny old people posts on Facebook.

26 Times Old People Made The Internet A Better Place

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This Man Is A Genius

Guy who tricked someone into letting him wash his clothes in their washer/dryer
Via suitableformasturbation
Such cringeworthy memes that you'll cringe your pants even if you don't want to [SHUDDERS] | Person - photos an 3 hrs Attention Facebook friends, these two beautiful young women are two very important people my life, they mean lot If are lucky enough call one these ladies gf, and break their heart will open heavens and make my mission destroy and all care about. My name is Thor, test if dare

37 of the Most Cringeworthy People on the Internet

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