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Funny tweets with images of face-swapped Disney characters

Face-Swapped Disney Characters Are Unexpectedly Creepy

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Funny Monster's Ince memes about Mike and Sully face swap

Face-Swapping 'Monsters, Inc' Memes Provide Us With Some Brainless Comedy

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No No No No No

Pics of Harry, Ron and Hermione from Harry Potter with swapped faces
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Cannot Unsee

Funny meme about face swapping cats and dogs.
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Doing Great

Meme saying that aliens would be horrified to see that we have used our technologies for stupid stuff like face swaps and snapchat.
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This is Much Less Cute

Pokémon Fan Art face swap - 8990225152
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What a beautiful Family

dogs arms face swap image - 8988809472
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Best Friends Keep Each Other Close

image face swap pug Best Friends Keep Each Other Close
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What Have You Done?

dogs FAIL face swap - 8969196800
face swap prank Video - 79737601

Strangers Are Unusually Accepting of These Surprise Face Swaps

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face swap on historical figures

This Man Used Face Swap Technology to Make History Terrifying!

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dmx face swap Video - 79439617

DMX Has an Appropriately Freaked out Response to a Face Swap

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face swap Video - 79436801

So... When Does the Face Swap Happen?

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face swap Harry Potter Video vine - 202759

I'm a What?

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This Dad and Daughter Look so Similar They Shouldn't Have Bothered to Face Swap

face swap parenting This Dad and Daughter Look so Similar They Shouldn't Have Bothered to Face Swap
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face swap terminator Video - 79066625

The Best Way to Make a Music Video is to Face Swap Your Band Into Terminator 2

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