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15+ Objects With Charmingly Human Faces

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Prescription-Friendly Glasses Memes For Proudly Bespectacled Eyeballs

No condensation allowed
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Unusual Optical Illusion Has Got Everyone Squinting

Who is she?
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15+ Mind Bending Optical Illusions That Need A Second Glance

Hold up
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Starbucks Drive Thru Prank Sparks Joyful Thread On All The Best Uses Of Googly Eyes

Universal humor at its finest.
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Text that reads, "The sunshine doesn't come from the skies, it comes from the love that's inside a dog's eyes" above a creepy illustration of a dog's face
Via Partyin

Plot Twist

Caption that reads, "Who would win?" above text that reads, "The most complex sensory organ in the body" above a pic of an eye, next to text that reads, "Some chopped veggie bois" above a pic of some chopped onions
Via Justicerainsfrommybutt


Caption that reads, "What if chickens had front-facing eyes" above a photoshopped pic of a chicken with front-facing eyes
Via DalekEvo

The Future Is Now

Funny meme about VR, virtual reality headsets.
Via dankmemesgang


"Do your eyes ever randomly go out of focus and then you are too lazy to focus them back in and just stare at nothing for a while"
Via Doomgriever

Oh Noooo

funny meme about sonic wearing goggles.
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wtf eyes photoshop celeb - 1252869

Steve Buscemi's Eyes Look Much Worse on Other Celebrities

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eyes Memes image - 8995164672
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illuminati belly button eye WAKE UP SHEEPLE!
Via SexyPundit

Somehow Even More Like Flying Rats

pigeon with eyes on front of its head
Via outroversion

Can You Spot the Difference

donald trump eyes - 8757508352
By Unknown
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