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15 'Oppy' Memes That Celebrate The Life And Legacy Of The Beloved Mars Rover

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Beautiful space tourism posters from NASA.

These Colorful Space-Tourism Posters From NASA Will Take You For A Wild Ride

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Problem, Currently Living Humans?

sad frog feels bad man exploration space - 7707778048
Created by Unknown

Now Sucks in a Lot of Ways

exploration space sad frog - 8204760320

Don't Be So Sad!

exploration space sad frog - 8140590848

In Some Ways, Living in the 21st Century Sucks

exploration feels bad man sad frog - 7978456064
Created by Unknown

Only in Video Games Does This Happen

Portal exploration - 7380496640
Created by Unknown

Dungeons in a Nutshell

comics SpongeBob SquarePants dungeons exploration - 7150370304
Created by DraidenKaid

A Darn Shame

space exploration money - 6697540096
Created by Unknown

Urban Exploration

bad idea exploration silent hill the internets - 6180832512
Created by Unknown

Dropping the Science: Ooh, the Stars

adventure carl sagan exploration Memes Professors stars - 5675854592
Created by shellder913

Born Exactly At The Right Time

earth exploration feels bad man frog galaxy Memes stars - 5509927424
Created by Error2000