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Dude Provides Fascinating Explanation About Why Doritos Are So Addictive

There's a lot going on
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Absurd And Strangely Poetic Memes Of Robert Downey Jr. Commenting On Things

Such wisdom
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Sorry For Being A Dumb Dumb

Panel showing Mike from Monster's Inc. not understanding something that's being explained to him; someone on Tumblr comments below that it is similar to being explained to them in math class
Via CakeDaySenderella

Kinda Weird Now That You Mention It

Tumblr post that reads, "Me explaining underwear to aliens: we have smaller, secret pants that we wear under our normal pants"
Via VulgarPancakes

Pls Don't Hate Me

Caption reads, "When someone has explained something to you seven times and you still don't get it and you hope they forgive how stupid you are" above pics of a cute dog wanting to be pet
Via itsmelil
meta explanation Video casual - 83096833

Casually Explained Goes Meta and Explains Itself

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science explanation Video - 80270081

This Video Sums up Everything in the Universe Quite Nicely

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evolution explanation Video casual - 79806977

Evolution Explained With a Tier List

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procrastination explanation Video - 79434753

A Casual Explanation of How Procrastination Works

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college explanation hilarious talk to the hand vintage - 3917972224
Created by ProfesserBooty


Inception meta venn diagram explanation - 7671519232
Created by TheGame364

Man, Pepper is Just SO COLD

cool double meaning explanation groan-inducing hot opposites sun sunglasses - 6545192704
Created by Static_Bunny ( Via The Pepper Pancake )

Infographics Explained... With Legos!

data explanation infographic legos - 6450379264
Via Hot Butter Studio

He's Also a Masterful Rhetorician

explanation Magneto popular - 6383261696
Via Gentlemanly Thoughts

Oh, That's What It Means

explanation Memes rainbow sarcasm - 6373494784
Created by Biggmac4444


explanation hilarious - 5328164352
Created by BassLOL
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