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18 Depressing Memes For Masters Of Self-Deprecation

Embrace the sadness.
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Me After Labor Day Weekend

Funny meme about how it hurts to exist, actually a web comic set in a doctor's office.
Via Spicy Designer Memes

Sounds About Right

bill college existence funny - 8424962560
Created by Unknown

Life's a Gamble

existence chance funny life - 8192549376
Via Spike Phinnegan

Barely Getting By

existence funny living - 8122962944
Via Unknown

Never Did, Never Will

depressing existence funny planets - 8116316160
Via Unknown

No One Was Happy

depressing existence funny - 8109523968
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Next Time, Do Something With Yourself!

depressing existence funny idiots - 8074105088
Created by Unknown

Not in the Least

tiny planets existence funny - 8052335872
Created by Unknown

They Keep Blaming Me...

existence jesus LOL Jesus people religion - 5769880576
Created by Dopamina815 ( Via )

But I Submitted the Same One Weeks Ago!

existence First World Problems hilarious Memes repost - 5440196096
Created by HarryyyXD

Existentialism Is a Disease

alcoholism disease existence Family Circus PTSD Clarinet Kid - 5356996352
Created by Unknown

Hipster Troll God

existence hipster jokes lol Troll God - 5207039232
See all captions Created by pwnificus


existence graffiti hilarious Subway why - 3473037056
See all captions Created by Unknown