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Greedy woman refuses to sign ex-boyfriends life insurance money over to his mom or his mother of 2 current girlfriend: 'I could really use this money and I think my ex knew that'

Cruel and stupid
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Dad refuses to give late son's college fund to his ex-wife's stepson, travels to Belgium to drink beer instead: 'My ex says I'm wasting thousands of dollars'

This was his dream trip
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'I don’t want a different last name than our kids': Ex-husband insists ex-wife change her last name because it makes his 24-year-old fiancée uncomfortable

That's her name now
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25+ Crazy Stories That Drove People to Break Up with Their Significant Other

Maybe getting ghosted isn't so bad after all...
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People Share The Moment They Realized They Married The Wrong Person

Marriage isn't always all it's cracked up to be. It's magical and wonderful if you're with the right person, but it can be devastating if you make the wrong choice. The crazy thing about it is you can rarely gauge whether someone will be a good husband or wife before you're married. There are married couples who did everything right, waited an appropriate amount of time before getting married, lived together before getting married, and still ended up getting divorced. Sometimes, you don't reali…
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Incredulous Exes Share the Worst Ways That They Have Been Dumped

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Reddit story about a Scrooge Karen Refusing To Spend Christmas With Her Ex-Husbands 5-Year Old Daughter While Her Mother Battles Cancer

Scrooge Woman Refuses To Spend Christmas With Her Exes 5-Year Old Daughter While Her Mother Battles Cancer

It's common knowledge that one of the basic tenants of Christmas is giving. In particular, giving to those who are less fortunate than yourself. If I had to propose a runner-up in the Most Important Christmas Values Contest TM , I would nominate “keeping the magic of Christmas alive for the children of the world."
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sweet revenge on cheating husband | Confession still married had feeling he cheating on found pack condoms his car box already opened so poked hole wrapper each one. Then preceded soak them habanero pepper juice an hour put them back car before he woke up. He told he had go help his mom with some things around her house

Satisfying Times Salty Exes Got Sweet, Sweet Revenge

Some people say that happiness is the best revenge. While that might be the mature mindset, it has never been the most immediately gratifying. Especially where dramatic breakups are concerned. Just think about that classic Carrie Underwood banger, ‘Before He Cheats.’ The country pop tune is an anthem for scorned women seeking revenge. You can't help but feel pleased that she dug her key into the side of his pretty little souped-up four-wheel drive, and carved her name into his leather seats. Th…
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breakup memes, dumping memes, relationship memes | Person -  see replacement and realize they've downgraded ante pa atuxting W Ceelebs | Person -  end things properly Couples costume idea us Those two don't go together Neither do Eric Good bye Wtf @MasiPopal

Breakup Memes For The Newly Single

Good riddance.
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Funny Twitter thread casts the lord of the rings characters as bad ex-boyfriends

Thread: 'Lord of the Rings' Characters as Bad Ex-Boyfriends

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girl reaches out to ex boyfriend to check if he's fine after she gets in a new relationship

Guy's Cringey Ex Tries To 'Check Up' On Him When She Gets A New Boyfriend

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Twitter thread about you ex texting you to say i am dating someone better than you, people come up with 3 word comebacks for the sentiment

Twitter Users Imagine Slaying Their Exes With Just 3 Words

We're all in search of the perfect comeback.
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24 Breakup Memes For People On The Rebound

Love will tear us apart
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It's Not What It Looks Like

Funny meme that reads, "When you get back with your ex and your friend who helped you through all the trauma finds out" above a still of Spongebob and Patrick looking guilty in front of Squidward
Via Sniper1011

Honk Honk

funny meme about clown to cloun communication being what its called when you stupidly try to make things work with your ex.
Via @hauntedtoilet
Funny memes about relationships, funny memes about exes.

24 Spicy Ex-Related Memes That'll Heal Your Wounds With Spite

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