Knew I Should've Actually Studied

"When question 1 is hard AF so you skip to question 2 but question 2 is based on your answer from question 1"
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Funny memes that college students can relate to | Tie - "'s studying finals going PROCRASTINATING Distracting others | Musical instrument -  try caffeinate yourself and just end up increasing heart rate with no changes exhaustion

24 Funny Memes College Students Will Relate To

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Spongebob character saying he bet a particular question won't be on the exam
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Eh, F**k It

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These Brides Took Exams In Their Wedding Dresses Because Why Not Both?

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When You're Having A Mental Breakdown But You Just Gotta Power Through

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Funny relatable memes about work, school, life, dating, relationships, twitter, social media, exams, harry potter, animals and others that hit really close to home.

30 Relatable Memes That Hit A Little Too Close To Home

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Funny memes about the end of the college semester, christmas break, grades, failing, university.

29 Memes That Perfectly Describe The End Of Semester Struggle

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Funny test and exam answers from kids in school, cover photo the questions is what ended in 1896, the kid's answer is 1895.

23 Funny Test Answers That Are So Wrong They're Right

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It Me

Funny meme about smuggling phone into exam and looking at memes instead of cheating.
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Funny memes about college, studying, coffee, university, exams, papers, cover is a chart of how much coffee you need to get through various tasks.

15 Memes That Perfectly Embody The Pains Of Being A Student

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Collection of funny memes about college

22 Throwback Memes That Perfectly Describe Clueless College Freshmen

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Collection of funny memes about hump day, food, sex, dating, tinder, online dating, relationships, animals, cats, dogs, raccoons, mountain dew, school, tests, exams, wedding, marriage.

Midday Meme Report: 38 Amusing Memes To Improve Your Day

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Go With Your Gut

Funny meme about when you change your answer in a test but the original answer was correct and how stupid you feel after.
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Pro Tip!

Funny meme about taking tests, saying that if you sit on your hand before taking an exam it feels like someone else is destroying your future.
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Good Luck On Those Finals

Funny meme about asking your brain to remember something during an exam, the spongebob macro repeats the same thing back.
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