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24 Hilarious History Memes That'll Make You Feel Smart

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Collection of funny memes about history, China, wars, India, Soviet Union, politics, WWII, WWI, british empire, mongolia, communism.

Knowledge is Power: 23 Super Clever History Memes

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Thanks, Europe

Funny You vs. the guy she tells you not to worry about meme, featuring fidget spinners - one normal, the other is an Ikea fidget spinner.
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Very Creative

Homework copying meme featuring very similar flags of Europe.
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Now That's What I Call Brexit!

europe Memes politics - 9022935552
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That Euro Truck Simulator 2 Logic

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Know Your Eurpoes

funny memes tomato vs potato europe
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europe Canada thanksgiving China holidays - 131333

This is What Thanksgiving Around the World Looks Like

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The Most Popular Fast Food Restaurants in Europe by Country

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Proof America is Better Than Europe

europe Arnold Schwarzenegger america - 7997771776
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A Map of Video Games from Europe

europe video games Maps - 7518428160
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If U Disagre Then Yuo Are Dum

europe world war II - 8184498432

And You'd Be Correct

bacon breakfast guns europe - 8361533184

Bigger is Better


How to Tell Europeans Apart


Our Condolences

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