Funny memes about Italians, Italy | record scratch freeze frame So, yep s probably wondering got this situation. Italian politician facepalm | person riding a surfboard with an umbrella and a yacht sailing in the background: Roman Empire TADROLINIJA Whatever Mussolini trying do

Twenty-Eight Italian Memes That Are Just Pici

Mama mia...
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Funny memes about Slavic people, Eastern Europe | Everyone: 90's were best years our lives, everything better Ex Yugo kids: conceited reaction pursing lips | the joker movie My brother saying suka blyat waiter Russian restaurant who told him meant thank Russian

Forty-Seven Slavic Memes Straight From Eastern Europe

сука блять.
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Funny memes about history, dank history memes, european history, ww II, world war two, ancient history, ancient roman memes | Spanish missionaries trying to convert the Incan populace to Christianity: SHUT UP ABOUT THE SUN SHUT UP ABOUT THE SUN! Pope: Henry you can't just go divorcing all these wome? RESUME GAME RESTART MATCH CHANGE TEAM FIND ONLINE MATCH OPTIONS LEAVE MATCH

Forty Dank Memes That Make History Fun

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Funny memes about Greek mythology | is this a pigeon meme about kronos the titan eating his children: his children Kronos is this lunch? kevin hart being held: gays Christian god Greek gods

Fifteen Amusing Greek Mythology Memes

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Funny Tumblr thread about different ways to say the word 'vagina' in Italian | map of italy himbocloud scheide scham sacapel sbanzega börtola frice panole folpa mona sbarzitla zinforgna barbisa barbigia nateua Yuinera pota tchergnapicioca bernarda mona borma brügna figa fritulà fiora sepa pataracia bregna Turba bigioia neira passera bartagna stessa brugna obinna tegia patafiocca patacca pisaia ciornia belan ghersa thussa tacc petalussa apettera mozza lallera pasarina fi' potta Cicalaastagncchia

Italian Has A Plethora Of Slang For Genitalia, According To This Amusing Tumblr Thread

Pacchio and mozza and petalussa, oh my!
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Funny dank memes about Russia, Russian people | Corporate needs find differences between this picture and this picture An idiot They're same picture. pam from the office. Top 10 Most Powerful Anime Characters All Time

Dank Russian Memes You'll Tank Us For Later

Where the Eastern Europeans at?
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Funny dank memes about Switzerland during a hypothetical World War III | Switzerland during World War II: woman in a shirt that says JUST HOPE BOTH TEAMS HAVE FUN. pics of a person representing Switzerland jumping between walls: floor is World War III.

Switzerland's Neutrality Roasted With Dank Memes About World War III

About time to pack up and move to Switzerland we think.
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Funny memes about Eastern Europe | news report Catholic priest blesses newly opened McDonald's restaurant Polish town Naklo nad Noteci ceremony attended by deputy mayor and district administrator. Bulgaria Bulgarian history books. Bulgaria any other history book.

Twenty-Seven Eastern European Memes And Pics To Czech Out

На здоровье!
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Funny memes about Eastern Europe

Thirty Eastern European Memes For Anyone Craving Pierogies

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Funny European

European Memes For Those Hungary For Some Dumb Comedy

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Funny video of a tourist getting stuck on a small iceberg and then beginning to float away

Dumb Tourist In Iceland Gets Stuck On An Iceberg, Floats Away

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Gotta Love Adulthood

Funny tweet that reads, "A little boy just screamed down the tube carriage if you're happy and you know it clap your hands' and everyone remained silent. I love London"
Via SvenSvin
Funny memes about the Balkans/former Yugoslavia

Seventeen Balkan Memes For The Southeastern Slavs

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Red Flags Galore

Funny meme where the Eiffel Tower represents "their flaws" and the girl in front posing in front of it represents "Me showing off my new crush"
Via LeoSenior
Funny memes about Eastern Europe and Slavic people

Slavic Memes For Our Eastern European Friends (31 Funny Pics)

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Funny memes and tweets about 'getting ready for Brexit'

Brits 'Get Ready For Brexit' By Mocking It To Shreds

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