Every Word Counts

Funny meme about word count in essays for school, chris evans, captain america, don't, do not
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Well, My Work Here Is Done

Funny meme that reads, "*Writes the first 3 words of an essay*" above a stock photo of a guy sleeping, with text that reads, "What an exhausting day"
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Well, That Does Kind Of Makes Sense

Tweet that reads, "In middle school I typed an entire paper while clicking the space bar twice between each word because I thought that's what double-spaced meant"
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Fooled Ya, Teach

Caption that reads, "When a teacher says you can't use Wikipedia as a reference so you use the references from Wikipedia as the source" above a still of Dave Chappelle saying, "Modern problems require modern solutions"
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What A Thesis

Tweet that reads, "In the 2004 Disney film The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement, Stan Lee made a cameo which indicates that The Princess Diaries is part of the MCU. In this essay, I will explain how Mia Thermopolis, the Princess of Genovia, will defeat Thanos"
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Student Life Hack?

Tweet that reads, "My essay is 642 words and I need 700;" someone replies with, "Change the word color to white and jwjbrjkreklshbfs away at your keyboard"
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Brandon Better Have Gotten An A

Caption that reads, "Probably the best essay introduction I've read in a while" above a ridiculous intro to an essay about Rosa Parks written by a high school student
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C'mon Teachers, We're Waiting!

Student gave the teacher an anniversary cake after three months passed and the essays still hadn't been graded

Here Goes Nothing

Funny meme about waiting until l the last minute to write an essay.
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Funny meme about an essay that is a pile of dirt.
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Funny memes about college and university, essays, assignments, classes, for college students. Cover photo is a meme of a dog walking itself, for when you need to teach yourself a subject because your teacher is so useless.

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Good Luck!

trash essay image - 8997255936
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I crushed that essay.

procrastination essay video games - 8568978688
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Essay Rage

homework rage essay power outage - 8152057856
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Teacher Rickrolled by Quantum Physics Essay

school rick roll essay pranks - 8009028864
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Pro Tips for Writing Essays

awesome essay funny writing - 7888961792
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