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Adulting Memes For Anyone Who Doesn't Quite Have It All Together

Adulting SUCKS big time.
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Bump That Sh*t

Caption that reads, "Me finding the perfect playlist for my four-minute drive to the grocery store" above a pic of a golden retriever sitting at a computer desk
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This Is BS

Tweet that reads, "Weekends as an adult really suck. Friday: you work until 5 and you're too tired to do anything. Saturday: You want to chill but you have to run errands and be productive. Sunday: You're mad all day because it's already almost Monday"
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Just When I Thought We Were Done!

rage mom errands - 8271310080
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Before Procrastination Strikes

day off procrastination chores errands - 7111600896
Created by Unknown

Not All It's Cracked Up to Be

are you kidding me driving errands Rage Comics - 6083699968
Created by RayZorQuickLaughs