epic handshake

Are You Ready Kids?

'Epic Handshake' meme where one side represents the Pirate from the Spongebob theme song, the other represents "Airpods" and the middle represents "Not being able to hear you"
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So True

Epic Handshake memes where one side represents "Elon Musk" and the other represents "Donald Trump" and the middle represents "Seeing one of their tweets on Reddit and not knowing whether they are real or fake"
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It's True

'Epic Handshake' meme where "Hating Apple" unites "Windows Users, Android users, God and doctors"
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Funny epic handshake memes.

16 'Epic Handshake' Memes That Prove It's Pretty Damn Invincible

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Funny meme about how gay people and cowboys refer to inanimate objects as she.
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