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Memes and Cringey MLM Posts From Wannabe Entrepreneurs

They should really call it multi-level swindling
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funny, funny memes, memes, mlm, multi level marketing, pyramid scheme, reddit, facebook, cringe, scam, monad, entrepreneur | hey my post removed because way worded pure romance one? yes There's no multi level marketing rule group oh my bad sorry would be interested know more about pure romance No thank ok Double tap | Multi-Level Marketing Companies Boss Babes who had kids too early Carol Baskin and husband on a leash

Memes & Cringeposts For People Who Hate Pyramid Schemes

Absolutely no one wants to hear more about those essential oils
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Funny dank memes entitled "Invest Button" featuring Robert Herjavec from the TV show 'Shark Tank' | Panasonic invented refrigerator comes if call INVEST | AMK3 @yodarlin_ Yoooo imagine this but as cereal. INVEST chocolate tips of ice cream cones

'Invest Button' Memes Are For People Who Have Brainy Ideas

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Twitter thread about billionaires and where they got their wealth from

Dude Explains On Twitter That Billionaires' Humble 'Garage Stories' Are All A Bunch Of BS

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A Million-Dollar Idea

Tweet that reads, "Someone should make a food app that connects to your bank account and only lists restaurants you can afford, could call it 'Welp'"
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