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Entitled Aunt Hijacks Niece’s Baby Shower to Announce Daughter’s Pregnancy

When it comes to someone's special day, whether it be a birthday, wedding, or baby shower, there's one pretty important unspoken rule that most people understand: don't steal the thunder. For some entitled a-holes out there, the mere thought of not being the center of attention for one second is just too much to bear. After years of struggling with infertility and multiple miscarriages, redditor u/rainbowbaby2022 and her husband were delighted to finally be having a baby and planned to celebrat…
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Entitled Parent Demands 'Consequences' for Child Who Shared Birthday Cake With Her Son

There are a million ways someone can accidentally mess up their kid , and no one in their right mind is under the impression that parenting is easy in any way, but some things are just common sense. Making sure your kid has a healthy diet and is knowledgable about nutrition is good. Being a weird dictator about food and prohibiting your kid from enjoying a slice of cake on a special occasion? Not so good. When one redditor asked r/AmItheAsshole whether she was in the wrong for demanding “conseq…
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Entitled Parent Demands Teacher to Stop Using Metric System, Math Jokes Ensue

It'll bring a skilometer to your face
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Entitled Mom Expects Fellow Passenger to Entertain Her Son, Gets Brutally Burned

Some parents got a lotta nerve
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