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Insanely Entitled Bride Cancels Wedding, Refuses To Return $30k In Gifts

We've seen a lot of entitled bridezillas embarrass themselves on and off the internet, but this diva really takes the cake. In a facebook post, which was shared to r/choosingbeggars, the bride thanks her family and friends for over $30k in "donations" and announces that she and her fiance are cancelling their wedding with vague plans to reschedule. She's so ballsy that she straight up tells her loved ones that their generosity will be used for a honeymoon - before the two have even tied the knot. The post, as one can imagine, did not go over well with her would-be guests. If you think her announcement of the cancellation was painful, just wait until you see her defensive replies to offended and outraged family and friends.  

Entitled Bride cancels wedding and takes 30k in donations wedding gifts for herself
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