What is the deal with this phenomenon??

Funny meme of Bugs Bunny about how you have energy to wake up early on your day off but no energy when you have to work.
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19 Coffee Memes That'll Caffeinate Your Tired Soul

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Don't Try This at Home

reviews energy mind reading Don't Try This at Home
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A Vital Power Source

IRL energy - 8585483264
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It's Too Powerful!

web comics cat pictures It's Too Powerful!
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At Least Flick the Switch on the Way Out

trolling memes turn off the light
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That's Good Parenting

exam mom funny energy - 8353568256
Created by Unknown

In a Hundred Years How Will People From the Future, Look at the Ridiculousness of the Past?

energy wind oil web comics - 8192868864
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Needs More Fairy

pokemon cards tattoos energy - 8185371392
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Trolling, Physics Class Style

physics school electricity college energy - 8074648832
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Energy Use Per Household Item

electricity energy infographic - 7993448192
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We Need to Go Around Smacking Outlets

not real life hacks power energy - 7710261504
Created by Unknown

Something About Kinetic Energy, or Was It Potential

cycle battery energy - 7709420288
Created by Unknown

Dwight Corrects Sign

signs dwight schrute funny energy - 7625079808
Created by death.metal.and.jazz

Troll Physics Strikes Again!

physics infinite energy troll science sun electricity science funny energy - 7511030272
Created by tomnow92
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