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Man Confesses To Wife That He Lives A Double Life With First Love In His Dreams

It's fairly common and perfectly normal to dream about past relationships once in a while. But what about someone who uses their lucid dreaming abilities to be in a full-blown relationship with an ex in their sleep? That's exactly what one guy did for years. Redditor u/intrepidreporter9 sought advice from r/relationships after confessing to his wife that he'd been living a double life in his dreams. Those replying in the thread had nothing encouraging to say—most couldn't blame his wife for wanting a divorce because he was guilty of emotional cheating. Have a look at the thread and judge for yourself. If you cheat in your dreams, do you cheat in real life?

memes, relationships, reddit, marriage, cheaters, emotional dating, divorce, dreams, reddit, thread, wtf, cringe | So confessed. About all At first she joking but she realized serious, she accused cheating on her and told her mom and sisters who are calling cheating weirdo. She even threatened tell my ex so she'll know fucking loser am. Now get s not anything woman would want hear, but 's not like physically cheated don't want lose my wife, but don't think she can forgive this. Tl:dr live an
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