Help These Kids Hear Taylor!

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By Unknown

Important Massage! Please Reply Intermittently

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By keymansteve

Rage Comics: The Attachment Was My Resume!

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By ATO2012

Rage Comics: A Nigerian Prince, You Say?

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By ATO2012

The Jealousy, It Burns

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By Unknown


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By Mr_Torgo

I'm Slow!

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That Would Be Embarassing

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Do You Not Understand Copy and Paste?

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By Unknown

Email In Eight Easy Steps!

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Via Dog House Diaries

Rage Comics: Falling for That is an IQ Test in Itself

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By Unknown

Practical Jokez

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By Unknown

Maybe This Will Be the Time!

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By destructofrog

I Can Make Musubi!

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By RoBoDiSeaSe

Oh No, Did I Just Finish My Work Email With "I Love You,"?

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By Unknown

I Have a Very Successful Website

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By thejerm333