Is This What Aging Well Looks Like?

Funny meme featuring a photo of a person in an Elmo costume wrestling.
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Me Thinking About This Presidential Election

funny gifs elmo commits suicide
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Elmo's Fallen on Hard Times

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Watch a Tickle-Me-Elmo Get Destroyed By a Jet Engine

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Advice of the Day: Surgeon General Tells Elmo Why He Needs a Vaccination

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Part of the PBS Witchcraft Hour

Games - Sesame Street Black magic enables puppets to co-exist with humans in an unnatural urban dystopia. CC 2 hrs PBS

Elmo Has Gone to Hellmo...

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Elmo Noooooooo

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Damn Right He Does

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Elmo's Got a Gun

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Alas Poor Elmo, We Knew Ye Well

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Elmo Is Vicious

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Elmo Noooooooo

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Crossover Photobomb

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That Kid Is Weird

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Yes Elmo Does

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