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Journalist Gets Roasted After Claiming Horror Movies Can't Be Set In Space

What's up with Twitter these days? Are the blue checks running out of opinions? Because lately the takes have been extra bad, and today's main character is journalist @elle_hunt, who thinks a horror movie cannot be set in space. It all started when @elle_hunt tweeted a poll asking whether or not Alien was a horror movie, after which she followed up with the controversial bad take in question: 'My argument: horror cannot be set in space.' @elle_hunt got dragged so hard by so many people, that she accidentally made 'Alien' and 'Event Horizon' trend on Twitter. While many responded with stills from their favorite sci-fi horror films, others argued simply that 'space' is just a setting, and horror can exist in any setting, as long as there is fear. We've collected some of the spiciest and funniest replies to @elle_hunt's Twitter fail. 

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