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17 Classical Music Memes For All The Cultured Minds

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21 Hilarious Memes Of Varying Dumbness

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Funny meme about blacking out.
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Funny frodo baggins memes, "alright then. Keep your secrets."

These Hilarious LOTR Memes Are All About The Secrets We Keep

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You're Not Fooling Anyone

Pic of a female model who looks just like Elijah Wood under the caption, "Nice try, Elijah Wood"
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Funny random memes.

20 Funny Memes That'll Put Some Pep In Your Step

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He Could've Ended Up Like Gollum

Funny "haven't heard that name in years" about the name frodo, photo of Elijah Wood smoking.
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matt damon obama AMA robin williams celeb elijah wood - 1368581

The Best 'Ask Me Anything' Celebrity Responses Ever

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It's a Passionate Affair

elijah wood sexy times funny - 8306607104

Now That's Smooth

smooth elijah wood funny - 8218115072

My How Times Have Changed

macaulay culkin Lord of the Rings actors celeb elijah wood - 8103970048

Daniel Radcliffe Totally Looks Like Elijah Wood

Daniel Radcliffe totally looks like elijah wood - 7904111872

Oh the Memories

frodo memory elijah wood funny - 7686876160
Created by Jebstat

Klondike Found Its Rival

Alf puns elijah wood - 6186784256
Created by Tylendal

Dat Elijah

elijah wood frodo me - 6544120576
Created by cameldance ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Elijah Wood Totally Looks Like Rooney Mara

actor celeb elijah wood funny - 6094482432