Going up? The elevator is the savior of all people, lazy and otherwise, who just can't stand the thought of a few flights of stairs. So take the easy way, the fast way, and honestly between us, the smart way. Who needs to get to their destination looking like they finished an IronMan.

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People Share The Worst Things To Say in an Elevator

Elevators are one of the most uncomfortable social environments the public has to offer. You're trapped in a tube with a bunch of strangers. You're packed incredibly closely with people of all different hygienic statuses. Worst of all, you're supposed to stay silent to avoid making people uncomfortable. Everybody's already uncomfortable in an elevator, and casual conversation is unlikely to solve this problem. If there's one thing I respect, it's the ability to clear out a crowded elevator . El…
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Partygoers Left Gobsmacked By Woman’s Dramatic Birthday Entrance

Material girl
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Caption that reads, "Where the f*ck is this thing taking me" above a pic of the inside of an elevator; screen reads, "UwU"
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Text that reads, "'Started from the bottom now we here??' Amazed by technology, Drake steps out of the elevator"
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Shut Up

Caption that reads, "Y'all ever seen an elevator with a normal-ass door?" above pics of the elevator with a normal-looking door
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cosplay elevator Sesame Street Video - 82406145

These Cosplaying Yip Yips Treated Convention Goers to the Most Amazing Elevator Ride

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Even Elevators Have Down Days

funny memes elevator fml
elevator awesome Video - 75508737

This is the Quite Possibly the Coolest Elevator in Existence

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You Won't Believe How Many Times This Works

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dream elevator tree - 4602663168
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Seriously, You Don't Wanna Go There


Add it to the Bucket List

elevator bucket list funny - 8475379456

Traveling Through Space and Time

elevator time machine science - 3039661312
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Let's All Ride the Trolololevator!

all the things button elevator trolling - 8413139968
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No One Ever Suspects the Chick

elevator fart - 8346206464
Created by beckysharp52

A Watched Elevator Never Arrives

elevator im-watching-you - 6529698560
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