Just In Case You're Having A Bad Day

Cute and wholesome meme about how elephants think humans are cute.
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When Somebody Actually Wants Your Fake Facts

facts elephants old people sms - 8753099520
Via TwerkingTractor

Elephants Have Toilet Humor

wtf gifs critters elephants toilets - 8565344256

Baby Elephant with a Light Saber

star wars gifs critters elephants light sabers - 8564380416

Elephant is Tired of White People

rage gifs critters elephants - 8562553856
By Unknown

Baby Elephant Bath Time

baths gifs critters elephants - 8560007168
By Unknown

Young Elephant Trying Out The Salad Bar

gifs critters elephants eating - 8558197248
By Unknown

Good Ole Burt

trunk gifs elephants - 8556107520

Are Those For Me?!

gifs bananas critters elephants - 8434543360
By ToolBee

Pool Play Time is Over

gifs critters elephants pools - 8158992640
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

Elephants Are Naughty

wtf naughty no no tubes elephants - 5157323776
By mkalig

Rampaging Pachyderm

gifs cars critters elephants - 8539535872

Elephant Retrieves Camera

gifs GoPro critters elephants cameras - 8531512832
By Unknown

Clever Elephant

cool gifs critters elephants - 8524947968

Elephant Going For a Cool Off

gifs critters elephants - 8511781888
By Unknown
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