Funny and cringey video of Mariah Carey being interviewed and indicating that she doesn't know that bills have to get paid

Mariah Carey Doesn't Know About Paying Bills, According To This Interview

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This 'Electricity' Business Sounds Like BS To Me...

Caption that reads, "I'd love to go back in time and blow people's minds with my incredible knowledge" above an illustration of a modern guy sitting among people from Jesus' time who are asking, "But how do you make this 'electricity?' Modern guy replies, "I don't know"
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Seems Harsh

Funny meme of a photo of a sign that reads "opening this box will result in death by electrocution and a 50 dollar fine" - it's funny because if someone dies isn't that already bad enough?
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Take Down Those Giants... I Guess

web comics wind power Take Down Those Giants... I Guess
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Shocking Romance

web comics electricity puns Shocking Romance
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Get Me a Fork, You Fool!

web comics babies electricity Get Me a Fork, You Fool!
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Eliminate ALL fear!

lights all the things electricity shadowlurker - 8561272320
By HerpDerper1234

Power Struggle

rage TV electricity power outage power - 8548424192
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electricity hilarious light switch - 5220077312
By Unknown
electricity Video - 69068289

This Couple is Having Some Sliiiiight Electrical Problems in Their House...

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Smokey and the E-Bandit

cars sad but true electricity web comics - 8436480256
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Power Troll!

rage phone girlfriend electricity dating - 8399619072
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Electric Trees

mindwarp gifs electricity science - 8362246656
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Working With Electricity is Difficult

FAIL gifs electricity - 8358345216
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Transferred Power

gifs electricity power - 8339148800
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Seems Totally Safe

electricity idiots funny - 8322236416
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