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'I have seen students who can't write a complete sentence': Teachers share the innumerable ways their students are significantly behind

This is scary
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30 Teacher Memes To Pass Around The Teacher's Lounge

Send to your fellow teachers
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Teachers Complain About All the Basic Knowledge That Pupils No Longer Have

Kids these days
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Teachers Discuss How They Deal With Rowdy Middle School Boys

The worst age group
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Satirical Screenshot About Homeschooling Starts Debate Over Whether Parents Should Be Able to Teach Their Kids

The school of mom and dad
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Teacher Who Loses Her Cool In Front of Bullying Students Gets Support By Educators and the Former-Bullied

A teacher is only human, after all.
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34 Back to School Memes for Teachers Who Already Need a Break From Their Class

Teacher memes to scroll on your lunch break, while imagining the brighter days of summer
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Teacher Shocks Fellow Educators After Saying Her Coworkers Aren't "Her Family"

Is that still controversial?
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Teachers Share Things They Wish They Could Say to Parents

Teachers get a lot of blame for kids' bad behavior. Parents go to parent-teacher conferences and belligerently demand that the teacher explain why their child is not doing well in class. Teachers are expected to kindly explain to parents what the issue is, even when the parents are being rude and demanding. The truth is, it's usually not the teacher's fault that a kid is failing to thrive in the classroom, and yet they have to shoulder so much of the blame. It's demonstrably unfair. In a perfec…
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Academia Memes for Struggling Students and Scholars

There's a lot I miss about being a college student. It was a transformative period in my life. I spent years studying a field that I'm passionate about, met a lot of wonderful people, and figured out what I wanted to do with my life. That being said, I do not miss essays, exams, or randomized group projects in the slightest. I can't imagine the amount of stress that individuals pursuing a graduate degree or Ph.D. face. I could hardly handle my last few semesters of undergrad. You're telling me…
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History Memes for Online Historians

Did you pay attention in history class ? Personally, history was my favorite subject growing up. It didn't really require a ton of critical thinking, at least for me. You kind of just had to show up to class, listen to the teacher tell stories of what happened before our lifetimes, and maybe read a little bit. Doing the bare minimum of what's listed there, I performed well enough. Of course, not everyone had the same experience. History is just an interesting subject to learn about. So why don'…
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Living Legend Gets Paid $40K Annually To Attend University, Earns Five Degrees After Being a Student For 20 Years

The luckiest man in the world
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teacher gets hilariously meme'd by his students at his wedding

High School Students Crash Teacher's Wedding and Turn His Wedding Photos Into Hilarious Memes

As if teachers don't have it hard enough already...
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Former-High School Teacher Starts "Student Advocacy" Business and Shares Videos of Conversations Where She Stands Up for Students and Squashes Unfair Education Administrators

It's refreshing to see someone standing up for these students when they most need it.
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Burned Out Teacher Stops Working 20+ Weekly Unpaid Hours, Boss Gets Mad & Guilt Trips Her

"This profession is toxic"
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Reddit thread where teachers share the hilariously inappropriate things their students have said

Teachers Share the Funniest Inappropriate Things Their Students Have Said

When you're a kid, you have to be a little sneaky with what you say. When I was a wee lass, I had a huge potty mouth , and it took me a while to learn that there were some words you just couldn't say in front of adults without consequences. I remember how unjust I thought it was that my mom could swear, but I couldn't when I was 11 years old. Swearing seemed like the coolest thing in the world, and all I wanted to do was show the kids at school that I knew more bad words than they did. But alas…
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