teacher gets hilariously meme'd by his students at his wedding

High School Students Crash Teacher's Wedding and Turn His Wedding Photos Into Hilarious Memes

As if teachers don't have it hard enough already...
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Former-High School Teacher Starts "Student Advocacy" Business and Shares Videos of Conversations Where She Stands Up for Students and Squashes Unfair Education Administrators

It's refreshing to see someone standing up for these students when they most need it.
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Burned Out Teacher Stops Working 20+ Weekly Unpaid Hours, Boss Gets Mad & Guilt Trips Her

"This profession is toxic"
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Teachers Share Things They Wish They Could Say to Parents

Teachers get a lot of blame for kids' bad behavior. Parents go to parent-teacher conferences and belligerently demand that the teacher explain why their child is not doing well in class. Teachers are expected to kindly explain to parents what the issue is, even when the parents are being rude and demanding. The truth is, it's usually not the teacher's fault that a kid is failing to thrive in the classroom, and yet they have to shoulder so much of the blame. It's demonstrably unfair. In a perfec…
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Reddit thread where teachers share the hilariously inappropriate things their students have said

Teachers Share the Funniest Inappropriate Things Their Students Have Said

When you're a kid, you have to be a little sneaky with what you say. When I was a wee lass, I had a huge potty mouth , and it took me a while to learn that there were some words you just couldn't say in front of adults without consequences. I remember how unjust I thought it was that my mom could swear, but I couldn't when I was 11 years old. Swearing seemed like the coolest thing in the world, and all I wanted to do was show the kids at school that I knew more bad words than they did. But alas…
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Teacher Memes To Pass Around The Teachers Lounge

No students allowed
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Teachers Share The Harshest Things They've Ever Said To Their Students

Telling them like it is!
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A compilation of memes about teachers teaching and students

Teacher Memes For Burnt Out Educators

Teachers are some of the most harshly criticized groups of professionals out there. Everyone has their own idea about how teachers should do their job, but so few of them could do even half of what teachers do every day. So many parents expect teachers to be able to fix everything that's wrong with their bad kids and try to place the blame anywhere but on themselves. All of this criticism can get exhausting. At most jobs, employees only have a couple of supervisors, but teachers have administra…
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A compilation of memes about teaching and teachers

Teacher Memes For Educators Counting Down to Thanksgiving Break

One of the hardest parts of being a teacher is that the work keeps coming and never stops coming . At a normal job, you clock in at 9 and leave at 5 without having to do extensive planning for days to come during the time you're not in the office. When you're a teacher, it's a completely different story. There's never time for not working. You have to grade papers, answer emails, create new assignments, work on lesson plans, meet with higher-ups, and that's not to mention having to teach classe…
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A compilation of memes themed around college and university

Memes For Broke College Kids

“College was the best part of my life” is a sentiment often expressed by weepy alumni. It can be a lot of pressure for college students to have the best time ever because college is supposedly the best part of their lives. I sometimes wonder whether college was the best part of my life, and it's all downhill from there, and I must answer that with a decisive no.
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Funniest Back to School Memes for Teachers Mentally Preparing for the New School Year

And physically preparing, tbh...
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People Discuss How LinkedIn Is the Ultimate Self-Esteem Killer

He has how many MBAs??
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College Student Discovers Two Courses Using Same PowerPoint Slides, Sparks Higher Education Debate

$46,000 for this?
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Emmanuel the Camera-Hostile Emu Wins Hearts with Continued Internet Antics

He knew he had to do it to em.
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A compilation of memes about teaching and education for teachers.

Hilarious Teacher Memes To Spice Up The Summer Break

Teaching is one of the most misunderstood professions. Teachers sacrifice their time and energy for their students and are rarely compensated for what they deserve. Unlike many pointless email jobs, teachers actually create tangible good in society through their work. It's essential for kids to not only have great educators but great role models in their corner and teachers wear both hats. If you're a teacher, you already know all of that. What you also likely know is that there is a special hu…
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Student Worries About Professor Disbelieving Their Father Dying, Revealing Toxic Culture Around Grief In College

An eye-opener
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