Poor Woman.

funny meme about woman eating alone, she's actually eating with a man completely dressed in camouflage.
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It's A Struggle

Funny meme that reads, "I wish I loved exercise as much as I love napping three times a day and eating five times the suggested serving size" above a pic of sad Kermit the Frog
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Can I Have *One* Please

Funny meme with two cute dogs depicting a girlfriend who said that she's not hungry eating all of her boyfriend's french fries
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Funny meme that reads, "Me: Eats food; My dog: ..." above an image of Stalin
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Funny meme, frog and toad, can't stop eating cookies.
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What The Frick Are You Looking At

Caption that reads, "That feeling when you go out for a quiet meal and some f*cker at the next table starts painting you" above a painting of three people eating at a table and looking over in a judgmental manner
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It's True

Funny meme about staying home and eating cheese.
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But They're So Hungry

Caption that reads, "When you own dogs and try to eat" above a pic of three cute dogs looking at someone with food
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It Can't?

Funny tweet about relating to Alice in Wonderland.
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models instagram parody satire actress fake eating lies kendall jenner - 6865925

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We Thought It Was Funny

Funny meme about condiments, fast food, joke, sex.
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Snapchat text overlay that reads, "Got some sexy dice and this was the first roll" over two dice that read "Eat" and "With clothes on"
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Pretty Much

Caption reads, "Describe your summer in two pictures" above a pic of Patrick Star eating a burger in bed and a screen cap of someone's phone with no notifications
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