Video of a 2011 Tohoku 9.0 earthquake in Japan, taken from an airport and followed by a tsunami

Terrifying 9.0 Earthquake Shakes Japanese Airport, Tsunami Follows

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Stories of people who slept through things

15 Deep Sleepers Reveal The Most Ridiculous Things They've Slept Through

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The Stone Tells All

'Weather forecasting stone' that 'predicts' weather that's already happening
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Terrifying earthquake Natural Disasters funny story - 5886981

16 Outrageous Moments That Happened During Earthquakes

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Craig Is Displeased

Guy is upset that an earthquake in the UK ruined his Etch-a-Sketch artwork
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Funny meme about spending an earthquake near that coin game.
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Is It Safe?

signs googly eyes earthquake - 8998919168
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weatherman earthquake Video - 73577217

Watch This Weatherman Reacting to an Earthquake as it Happens

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Dammit Japan

wtf Japan idiots earthquake funny - 8456253440
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USA vs. Chile in On-Air Earthquake Reactions

usa gifs Chile earthquake - 8110556928
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Everyone Is Appalled!

earthquake funny police - 7864054016
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Ugh. The Worst

news earthquake planet justin bieber - 7366502144
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Bass? Or Earth Quake?

yikes cool Music gifs bass earthquake - 6837006336
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hell joke Japan earthquake - 4567704320
See all captions Created by FrightRat

The Pain is More Real Than Ever

america earthquake never forget Sad tragedy - 6535135232
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earthquake hilarious liquor store suddenly - 4719508480
See all captions Created by lintu11
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