We All Do This

Funny tweet about people using Q-tips to clean out their ears even though a doctor tells them not to | Connor Stone @connorstonehere Doctor: You shouldn't clean out your ears with Q-tips. Me: Yeah obviously, anyone who does that is an idiot. In my head: Except me. I clean my ears with Q-tips the smart way. 2:01 PM • 07 Feb 20 • Twitter for Android
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Such An Unsettling Noise

Funny meme that reads, Me: *Doing absolutely nothing;* One of my ears: ..." above a still of Patrick Star looking creepy above text that reads, "High-pitched demonic screeching"
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GIF - Fine tuning in process.

funny gif of a cat fine tuning his ears' directional axis
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drawing ears hilarious panda wtf - 5951486720
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Hey Mickey You So Fine

disney ears kingdom hearts - 8462025472
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People Buying Beats, And I'm Standing Here Like

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This is Why I Wear My Beats By Dre At All Times

yikes gifs gross ears unsee - 8454595840
Created by anselmbe

Meet Koala, The Big Eared Kitten

Cats gifs ears - 8450623488
Created by ToolBee

No Rushing, Just Keep On Brushing

Cats brushes gifs ears - 8450658304
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Metal Gear Solid: Secret Illuminarty

dogs wtf metal gear solid ears - 8435953920
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He's About to Take Flight

gifs ears - 8396973312
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So That's What Bat-Eared Fox Looks Like

critters foxes gifs ears - 8313911040
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Gotta Light One For Your Brain

wtf cigarettes ears smoking - 8012601344
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Optometrist Hate Him

eyes ears wtf - 8007658496
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Optometrist Hate Him

eyes ears wtf - 8007658752
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It's a Big Ear I Tell Ya!

ears if you know what i mean - 7777278976
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