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Control Freak Forces Her Sisters To Wake Up At 8 A.M. Daily For Their Disney World Vacation

Vacations are not a piece of cake. Everybody has a different idea of how to be on vacation, and if you force your standards onto others, it can easily breed resentment. There's a clear middle ground between waking up at 6 AM daily to do everything you could possibly do and sleeping until 3 PM every day, wasting your vacation away in an expensive hotel room. Disney vacations are uniquely stressful. There are some rides that you need to get in line for at 7 AM if you want a chance in hell of not…
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Funniest Daylight Savings Memes For Those Perpetually Confused by the Clock

Enjoy the extra sleep
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A Cause We Can Get Behind

Funny sign that reads, "Why is sleeping in considered lazy but going to bed early isn't? I am starting the #AllSleepMatters movement"
Via KickMyBallsRealHard

Excellent Point!

Little reader board with text that reads, "Starting your day with an early morning run is a great way to make sure your day can't get any worse than it started"
Via claireymummabeary


Caption that reads, "When you've barely woken up and someone's trying to have a full-on conversation with you" above a pic of a little clay figurine appearing to suck the life out of a second figurine
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I'm so Tired

class morning early truancy story - 6972230912
Created by shoduck


early evil hilarious - 5305159936
Created by meganeguard


chuck norris early hilarious kid years - 6144392192
Created by xyzpdq1


early hilarious knife terminator - 5998564864
Created by Unknown


early hilarious kid years - 5725116416
Created by hillyalley

Good Guy Greg: What Did You Expect?

early Good Guy Greg prison Reframe very demotivational - 5148455680
Created by Unknown

Smart for Two: The Early Years

car early fry smart - 5024710144
Created by petitpomme

Philosoraptor: Patience Is a Temperamental Virtue

bird early good philosoraptor things time wait worm - 5023793408
Created by VelvetPill

Can't Tell If AM or PM

cant tell day early fry late time - 4976157952
See all captions Created by Lolrus1995


30s audience child children dialogue early funny hannah montana kids kissing laughs men not old Pie Chart say teenagers think TV venn diagram want women - 3226891520
Created by ddavis82991


arrive bar graphs bathroom early late time - 3159387136
Created by HTiger
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