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Mortician Reveals All Activities She Avoids Because She Sees Their Victims At Work

Stay safe!
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People Recount The Dumbest Ways That They Nearly Died

Being alive is a risky business. It’s bad enough that it has a 100% fatality rate, but on top of that the ways in which it can be fatal are far more easy to come across than we think No matter how mundane our daily routines may seem to us, we never know if there’s going to be an unhappy surprise lurking for us round the corner. The heavy question of our own mortality has been on the minds of Redditors recently, as an AskReddit prompted people to consider the stupidest ways they’ve ever had a br…
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Farewell Everyone

Funny meme about having a cough and thinking you're going to die because Google says so | Me: it's just a cough. Parents: it's just a cough. The Doctor: it's just a cough. Google: elon musk
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Funny meme about freaking out because you have a small chest pain, death is closer than it appears.
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Funny meme about 4/20 69.
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*Plans to Do This When He Passes Away*

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It's Not About the Naughty Things I Look Up, Just the Pathetic Stuff

web comics dont let them see my browser history
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What Studying Actually Feels Like

studying gifs dying - 7958127872
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What a Way to Go...

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A Winner is You!

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35 Ways to Die in Tomb Raider

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He'll Be Laughing All the Way to Heaven

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So Many Feels...

feels hospital dying health imagination sick - 6782934016
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There's Obviously Nothing We Can Do

movies pie charts dying doctors - 6661403392
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Old Lady Who?

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Stop Dying in Water!

dying old school swimming the feels water - 6496036352
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